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Your website is your online presence, it’s the way people perceive your company at a glance. We human’s have very little attention span and it’s very necessary to grab the attention of your viewer as soon as they land on your website. To do this, its necessary to make sure your website looks great on all devices. This is why you need responsive web design, you need to be prepared and you never know what device your website viewer is going to use.

Just putting up a mere website will do no good. You need to have unique content or a product, eye-catching visual display, ease of navigation and proper on-page SEO to create a professional website. Even if your content is good but your design is amateur or if your website is slow to load, visitors will just click off and go to your competitor’s website. Some of the main features of a quality website are:

  • Attractive Design
  • Optimized speed
  • Responsiveness
  • Ease of navigation
  • Quality content
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Social Media Integration
  • Stability and up-to-date

We at Tactical Engine do our best to make your website not only a lead generation engine but a pleasurable experience for your customers and for that, we have all the necessary tools and experience. Just get in touch with us.

Why Do I Need Responsive Web Design?

One of the most important reasons is because Google says so! If you want to rank well and get your online business to new heights then follow the SEO guidelines provided.

It makes sense too, as an owner you have no control over what device your visitor will use to browse your website. So it is very necessary that your website performs well on all devices.

Benefits of Responsive Web Design:

Let me highlight some benefits:

Higher Ranking in Google

If your website has a responsive web design then it will have much greater chance to rank on Google’s top pages.

Save Time and Money

Developing a single responsive website will save you time and money which you would have wasted developing two different websites for different devices. Also with all the new devices and sizes popping up this method is very obsolete.

Easy to Use and Navigate

It is easy to use your website with the flick of a finger. No need to zoom in or pinching and scrolling in smartphones just to find a ‘contact us’ button.

Staying in the Competition

You remain in the competition because your site is now accessible on almost any latest device, you may not know it but a lot of people still haven’t converted and that could put you ahead of the game. Nowadays people usually shop online using their phones or tablets. if your website is not responsive you will potentially lose a whole target market who shop on their cell phone.

Increased sales and Revenue

We use other tools such as Google Analytics to discover whats happening on your website, where people are interested and where they just drop off your website. This information allows us to even target audiences based on what screen size they choose. With us analysing everything for you, there’s less chance that you will lose visitors. This along with our web content packages increase traffic and result in increased sales and revenue.

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